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Soul & Body

                                                           Universe :  " Silence "

Modern scientific research has prove that nothing is true solid, that all is manifestation of various patterns of energy in motion, energy linked in subtle pathways throughout the universe into a unified field or oneness. Bristish physicist David Bohm have had supposed that there is an " invisible field" that holds all of reality together, a field that posseses the property of knowing what is happening everywhere at once. ( The word invisible here means not just invisible to the eye but undetectable by any measuring instrument ).
 Without going deeper into these speculations. We can see that the invisible field sounds very much like the UE. Because UE can be indentified with nature itself: first and foremost, it is universal. Second it is absolute. It does not depend on anything else. Third it is enternal, timeless, Fourth, it is omnipotent.
This means that nothing escapes it. UE are all powerful, because everything is part of UE , and UE is in everything. And there is no such separation made between UE and the physical universe. UE is what ultimate reality is – complete unity. It is pure in its simplified unified state, neither positive nor negative. It is the silent field of intelligence- the underlying force of unity in nature . It it also the logic behind physical existence.

The Application Of Universal Energy

Five Elements:
A life of human beings has birth , oldness , illness , and death , but illness are big problems for people living on the earth . The greatest fear of mankind is the fear of pain , desease and death . Also , deadly dangers , new uncured sickness , health crisis challenge mandkind and us.The Universal & Human Energy healing which is one of these traditional ways of healing that is pervasive in every trible. Also , it has been studied and used to render service to human life and to heal diseases for 600 years in Egypt , and for 3000 years in India and China.

                                                                     Chakras :  " Tools"
Chakras Symbols:

Human with CHAKRAS system :
The chakras are main specialized energy centers and transformers which link man to the universe. They are centers of activity of subtle, vital force termed subtle prana. The chakras take in the subtle energy and distribute it to the major glands, nerve centers and organs of the body.

Open Chakra
 Meditation (Activate)
Connecting to Universe
Human with CHAKRAS system :

The human body is viewed as the most perfect instrument for the expression of consciousness. This perfection is realized through the development of the psychic centers, the chakras.The chakras extend to all levels of person's being. They contain valvelike structures which are open or closed according to a person's stage of development. This determines how many levels of energy can enter a chakra. Since most energy input comes in the form of psychological material the chakra mechanisms ensure that we are only conscious of incoming energies with which we can deal.
Located with the cerebrospinal system, the chakras are the stage upon which the interraction between higher consciousness and desire is played out. Consequently, it is through understanding and utilizing the energies of the chakras that we ultimately reach an enlightened state of being .Each chakra corresponds to certain physical systems and the related organs.
 There is a direct relationship between the condition of the chakra and the corresponding physical organs. A chakras can be overvitalised, undervitalised or in a state of balance. It can be open or blocked. The physical symptoms will be mirrored by dysfuntion within the related energy network and the chakra itself.
Creating change to restore the related energy system to a state of balance will create change at the physic
What is the theory behind this powerful and miraculous healing energy ? We believe that humanity is programmed with many abilities of which science has not evan begun to scratch the surface. And one of those abilities is to channel and process this elusive, mysterious universal energy for healing purposes.
Somehow, every once in a while in the history of the Earth, someone "finds" the key to activate this processing system within his/her body, and some even "find" the key to activate it within other’s bodies.
In UE, the process is called "opening the Chakras" (energy centers) or"initiations". Although humankind has advanced greatly in technology and its understanding of the human body, scientists still have a long way to go before they can claim to know EVERYTHING about it. Therefore, it is in the interest of humanity that we keep our minds open to all discoveries.
It sends out invisible, inaudible sound waves bouncing through the air. We need a device called a "radio" to receive and process that energy to produce sounds audible to the human ears. Likewise, Universal Energy needs a device called a "human" to receive and process it in a very specific way to heal. Unless the "radio" device has its own battery, it will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to work. Similarly, most of these "human" devices need to receive a form of activation.


Besides having one’s "chakras" opened, a UE practitioner needs to practice a unique yoga meditation method at least 5 minutes daily to evolve the body and soul to a higher level of consciousness and to be able to utilize the universal energy more efficiently. With the exceptions of the Emotional Cleansing therapy, the ancient breathing, stretching exercies, and the visualization therapy, this healing ministry applies all

                                        "  Happiness & Enlightenment "

Special Meditation Seminar
at Texas Yoga Center
North Hwy 6 - Houston TX
We have a unique opportunity to study with Mr. Michael Tran to learn a special process of restoring health and happiness using the technique of Universal Energy.
Lecture by Barbara Morrison will discuss energy in the body and overview of Chakras.
Mr. Michael Tran (713-370-2501) will open Chakras for each person, answer questions, and address individual concerns. Mr. Michael Tran has taught this process and helped people worldwide. We are honored to have him with us for this workshop.
Register by phone or in class. 281- 859-5566


Online Session Avaliable : One Hour
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Please Call: Mr. Michael Tran ( 713) 370 - 2501


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