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Body Concern

Facial Treatment:

The classic facial includes an in depth skin analysis, deep cleansing, tones and balance, exfoliation, gentle extraction, prescriptive face mask, intensive protective finishing creams and a relaxing bio-relax massage.
Microdermabrasion Treatment
Sun damaged skin - Fine lines & Wrinkles
Aging skin - Stoning - Acne & Other scarring
Aging spots & Pigmentation imbalances

Safe & Effective all skin and color.
Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical facial procedure that removes the outer layer of dead cells from skin's surface, which reveals the healthier skin underneath. It's virtually painless and takes only about thirty minutes for one treatment. The benefits far outweigh the risks, which has made microdermabrasion one of the most popular facial treatment. Microdermabrasion is an increasingly popular procedure that removes the layer of dead cells on the skin's surface and reveals the healthier skin cells underneath. It's a completely non-invasive procedure that uses microcrystals to remove the cells. By removing this layer, skin looks younger and never skin is stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin, two elements of health skin. Regular treatments of microdermabrasion have reduced the appearance of brown spots, shallow scars from acne, hyperpigmentation (melasma), sun-damaged ski, dull skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and texture.

Body Massage:

Reducing muscle tension and stiffness * Relieving muscle spasms * Increasing joint and limb flexibility and range of motion * Increasing ease and efficiency of movement *Relieving points of tension and overrall stress; inducing relaxation. * Promoting deeper and easier breathing improving blood circulation and movement of lymph relieving tension-related headaches and eyestrain promoting faster healing of soft tissue injuries, such as pulled muscle and sprained ligaments * Reducing pain and swelling related to injuries reducing the formation of scar tissue following soft tissue injuries * Enhancing health and nourishment of skin * Improving posture by changing tension patterns that affect posture * Reducing emotional or physical stress and reducing anxiety promoting feelings of well-being. Increasingawareness and alertress generally

Body Wrap:

The Body Wrap is a method for helping to visually slenderize and contour your
body shape and visibly tighten your skin in only 6o minutes. The Body Wrap is applied
firmly to areas needing inch loss and contouring and lightly where only skin tightening
is desired. It is very healthful and relaxing.

Feet Reflexology:

Reflexology works on precise reflex points on the feet, legs and hands, which
correspond with all the body parts. The treament helps the body activate the self-healing process and promote an overall state of well-being. Reflexology is a complement to standard medical care and can be used to help restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium. This soothing therapy encourages the body to naturally restore its own health balance. It have been shown to be effective for:
Improve Blood Flow
* Pain Reduction * Improves Blood Flow * Arthritis * Sleep Disorders * Sports Injuries * Hormonal Imbalances * Digestive Disorders * Stress Rebated Conditions

The artificial nails:

The artificial nails are not a replacement, but an extension for natural nails. There are two main approaches to creating artificial nails—
tips and forms. Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are "nail"-shaped. They are glued on the end of the natural nail and another material, commonly called acrylic is then applied over the entire nail.
Tips are now available in many different colors and designs, ranging from simple colors such as yellow or blue to flamboyant designs such as animal prints and mixed metallic colors. Forms are fitted over the nail and then an artificial nail is molded out of acrylic and the form is removed and then properly shaped and buffed to a shine.

Manicure & Pedicure:

Shaping of your nails is followed by a hydrating cuticle trimming  and light relaxing hand massage.
Slip into further relaxation as warm towels are wrapped to assuage sore, tired and
aching hands.

SM. Shellac Manicure

French or Design
Not a fan of regular manicure, but don't want to ruin your nails with acrylics or gel nails ? Shellac is a cross
between gel nails and traditional nail polish. It is applied like regular nail polish, but drieds like a gel. Shellac
give your manicure more stability than the usual manicure, allowing it to last longer.

Eyelash extensions

 are any number of enhancements designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashs. They may be compared to hair extensions for one's eyelashes. They can be separated into two types: temporary and semi-permanent. There is also a medical way of enhancing eyelashes.
Temporary false lashes are any lashes designed to be worn for a short period; i.e. a day or less. They can be made with human hair, or with synthetic materials. The highest quality synthetic material is made with Keraspecific Fibre. This is made to feel and behave like real human hair. They are not designed to be worn when showering, sleeping or swimming. They are applied with lash glue designed specifically for temporary lashes. Permanent lashes, also known as eyelash extensions, are lashes applied with a stronger adhesive. Generally, a single lash is applied to each natural lash; when applied properly, neither the extension lash nor the glue should touch the eyelid. The bond is designed to last until the lashes naturally fall out, though the extensions may fall out faster if one uses oil-based eye makeup remover or rubs eyes regularly .For both types, eyelashes come in various lengths, colors and thicknesses, from natural-looking to outrageous.
Read more:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyelash_extensions

Artificial hair integrations: More commonly known as hair extensions, add length to human hair
Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one's hair by incorporating artificial hair or natural hair collected from other individuals. These hair techniques are advanced and are used to change the hair drastically without looking unrealistic.
Clip-in or Clip On Hair Extensions
This technique is the least permanent and can be very effective without the disadvantages such as traction alopecia. associated with glue extensions. The hair weft has small toupee clips sewn onto them. Usually a set of clip-in extensions averages eight strips of human hair in varying widths from two inches to eight inches. Starting at the nape of the neck, the hair is sectioned neatly, then the weft is placed onto this section with the clips open and facing the scalp. Each clip is snapped into place. It can be helpful to lightly backcomb each section for a more secure grip. This is repeated until each clip-in weft is in place. Clip-ins can be worn all day and all night, however, they must be removed before sleeping. Some people wear clip-ins just for night life, while others wear them every day to work. This shows the versatility of this type of hair extension. Read more:

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