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                                      Universal Energy Technique can help me - you & all of us
This is Michael Tran and I am Vietnamese, I was born to a farmer family in VN, and my village is about 120 kilometers west from where I live to Saigon City.
As I grow up, my country always got into war between  North & South, so where I live was far from  the countryside, That wasn’t  secure, then my parents sent my brothers and I to SG city.

Civil war ended in 1975. Political institutions and innovation activities were changed, it was not saving for rich people, and who were soldiers from Southside of Vietnam. That was my older brothers.

After the communist took over the South, there ‘re started of hot scandal of Vietnamese’s to escaped from the country by boats, so that I became one of boat people, just like millions of others, after few days over the tiny boat I came to refugee camps, I stayed for a while before I came to America.
I started a new life with unknown experiences of so much different between the languages, the customs and life being as difficult as that age
However, I keep tried to get better life and thanks America who supported me as a human being and rejoin day festival. Elapsed time over 15 years, I have been constantly changing jobs, and places.
I married. I was happy as a family with my wife and my son. That time the financial was stable, and I success as a Mortgage Broker in California.
Nevertheless, it was long enough to enjoy our happy family because I found out I was carry a stomach ulcers. I thought that was it, I am done; life is not fair and not treated me good.
I was hopeless when the Doctor could not cure my diseased, my live depend too much different medication per day. I could not live without it.
I had no interested to worked like a living dead person who waiting to be gone, I started travel until a day I met Master Luong Minh Dang in San Diego, that was the end of 1990. When I took the universal energy class   and this class changed my whole life. I keep practiced and practice U.E. and for about a year later, I my stomach ulcer was gone like a miracle.
My life start back like before, and I thought I must do something with what I been learned and practice to help people who got the same situation like I was, so that once again I happened  accepted the invitation from my old friend, who was took and practice the same class with Master LMD. Who now became a monk in Thailand? I divorced and closed the Mortgage Broker office in California, and then I went to Thailand.
In Thailand, We help and cured so many people, parallel with taught them practiced U.E. to help others. All day ever days I keep worked very hard to cured people because I went through that stated, and I understood what people got through. My life was happier when I could help them and saw people recover.
The U.E. field of treatment and teaching for the Universal Energy was so hot in Thailand. People need many U.E. practitioners, which were why I had been there for more than 10 years.

That background is very convenient, the overwhelming response
Essential public Thailand, strong support by interviews, reports of belt
TV and other local media, in Thai language and in English (The Nation and Bangkok Post) I taught in many research’s center, my opportunities and applications. My Courses held in many places such as University, Temple, Hotel, Government agencies and more than 20 criminal detentions.
The end of 2006 I returned to the United States, I opened my own office in California I been there for more than a year then transferred to Texas until today.
What I wrote about myself is I wish that all of you could understand my situation why I love being a helper to help people, my process only in terms of individuals, beyond what I have been through and will
Contribute to the field of Universal Energy, which are only the results negligible, compared with existing activities and results everywhere in the world.
Best Regards
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