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Website & Blog

                                                       The World : External & Internal

When the Internet was first getting started, users rushed to build personal web sites, Web sites are still very popular among web users.However right now many are turning to blogs !!!

                                                                  Internet - Millionair

They are both found on the Internet using a URL " Web address". Some sort of host to keep the information online so they can be maintained by virtually anyone from individuals to companies. Also contain information, pictures, link and keywords, as well. FOR TARGET READERS


External :  It is critical to have a marketing startegy and not just jump into marketing techniques (Wasted time & money). Focus on selling the products & services to specific nichs markets.(Customer have more choices regarding places to buy their products) In untapped markets: No compitors - market cost down
(Establish a rapport & trust with the customer)


It diversifies the business for bringing money through many different areas. Automate the services - 24/hrs for helpping customers all times and cut down on the cost. Sell the expertise & not the time. Team work all way better than by alone.

Internal: Comfidence & Believes in the products - Make decision quickly - Correct information
and modeled others that have proven success.


A website is generally a little harder to maintain and oftentimes requires a solid understanding of the way the Internet works.

Blogs also encourage people to communicate with each other much more so than with a website

Top 3 paid to write or blog websites " Excluded FanBox " ( 2011)

                                                                  Blogs & Money

                                         Posts: Your thoughts - Photos - Videos - Music
                                         " You earn when people enjoy your blogs "  

Everyone stars blogging either for fame , for money or to express their views. After some times
many of such Blogs became popular but like always they never thought of making money out of it

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                                                                  Google Blogger 
                                                    Make Money With Google Adsense

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Set up your own website & link to your Blogs FOR EARN MORE MONEY

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